Why Should You drink Orange Juice? What are its benefit?

Here, We know about Health benefits of Orange Juice. Orange is consumed worldwide all over the world. This fruit can be labeled as the most popular because it is available throughout the year. Along with the availability, the fruit originated in the region along Southern China and North West India.

After the expansion of oranges in different continents, each continent used it differently. Nowadays, Brazil, India, China and US are some of the major countries that produce oranges commercially. With the vast production of oranges have led to multiple varieties from ranging to 600 orange varieties.

As far as the benefits are concerned, an orange is rich in many nutrients that provides plenty of health benefits. These benefits are essential to lead a healthy and active life. Here are some reasons to start including oranges in your daily diet. You can shift to orange juice if you don’t like to spend a lot of effort and time for oranges.

Nutritional Advantages


Fibre In orange juices

Fibre is a kind of carbohydrate that our body is unable to digest, and it is passed in an undigested form through the body. It helps in regulating the use of body sugar and hunger in control. Oranges contains a healthy amount of fibre which helps in digestion.

Orange juices are also a great source of fibre but, the quantity of fibre in a juice is less than a fruit. So, you can either choose a fruit or a juice, both will provide you a minimum quantity of fibre.

Vitamin C

Orange juices have vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, which means that it goes directly to tissue, but it is not possible to store it. Our body needs to take in Vitamin C on a regular basis to complete the requirement of this vitamin. Vitamin C is also responsible for our defence and immunity system along with healing wounds.

Orange is the prime source of Vitamin C and its deficiency can lead to scurvy. Along with fruit, orange juice can provide you a sufficient amount of vitamin C. You can consume orange juice for increased iron absorption in your body.


Folate Orange juice

Folate or folic acid is an alternate name for vitamin B9. It helps in the formation of DNA and RNA along with the involvement in metabolism. Folate is essential for making healthy red blood cells and during period of rapid growth. During pregnancy, folate is very important for fast growth of the foetus.

Orange juice provides ample folate for a smooth metabolism, formation of DNA & RNA, and red blood cells. Start including fresh fruit juices in your meals to get the daily requirement of folate.


Antioxidants orange juice

Our cells are constantly under threat, known as free-radicals. These free-radicals can lead to chronic diseases and many health issues along with aging symptoms. Our body releases some-radical fighters, ‘anti-oxidants’.

Anti-oxidants fight free radicals to slow the process caused by ‘free radicals’. Anti-oxidants is present in orange juice, so you can slow the aging process and slow the negative effects of free radicals.

Health Benefits

Prevention Of Kidney Stones

Prevents Kidney stones

Kidney stones are made from crystal forming substances like Calcium, oxalate and uric acid. If there is more of these substance than the fluid needed to dilute them, kidney stones will start forming.

A number of nutrients and fruits have properties that prevents kidney stones like orange juice. Orange juice raises the citrate levels which is good to decrease urinal acidity. Along with the reduction of urine acidity, it reduces the formation of calcium oxalate stones.

Heart Health

Orange juice improves heart health

A lot of people suffer from Cardiac problems at a young age due to ever-changing lifestyle and eating a lot of street food. No-exercise and very little intake of healthy foods increase the chance of cardiovascular diseases. With, the changes in your lifestyle, you have to modify your diet to keep up with hectic schedule.

Orange juices are a great alternate for reducing bad cholesterol and promoting heart health. Citrus present in orange juice is beneficial to the heart and it helps you to live and lead a better life.

Immune System Support

Orange juice supports immune system

Immune System is an integral part of anyone, without our defense mechanism, our body becomes a target to disease causing microbes. To improve our immunity, we must eat plenty of immunity enhancing food and nutrients like Vitamin C.

Orange juice contains vitamin C in abundance and it provides other essential nutrients and phytonutrients that boosts your immune system.

Which Brand Juices should I drink

BeO Juices

A lot of juice brands claim to be healthy and nutrition rich but there is packed fruit juice which comes close to naturally extracted fruit juice. If you are looking for some trustworthy brands, then you should try BeO juices, Tropicana or juices, all of them have nutritional benefits and great taste. On top of great combination of taste and health, BeO juices has nata de coco which truly sets it apart. Start your healthy journey to a fit body and mind with fruit juices.

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