What Flavours does BeO juice comes in ?

Here we know about Types of Juices and Their Benefits. All of us want to be healthy and we do different things to stay healthy. These different things can be exercising, running, avoiding unhealthy foods or eating in moderation. You can start your healthy lifestyle with changing small things around you, like your diet and what you include in it.

We consume fruits because of their high nutrition and no side effects. You should switch to fruit juices and save the effort and time to go through peeling and cutting. BeO juices is just the right fit for you.There are a number of flavours to choose from, like guava, orange, pineapple and many more available.

1. BeO Orange Juice

beojuices with nata de coco orange flavour

Oranges are available throughout the year and it has become a popular fruit as it’s sweet, sour and tasty. This fruit is enriched with many nutrients and vitamins. To enjoy it, you have to go through a lengthy procedure to consume an orange. You have a different option as orange fruit juice drink providing you just the same benefits as an orange.

BeO juices orange flavoured fruit juice is made with orange pulp and nata de coco for a unique experience. The juice contains several nutrients including Vitamin C and fibre and helps in digestion. BeO juices are a big help in boosting immunity to fight off diseases. It provides all the benefits of an orange in the form of juice, which is easy to consume and provide almost the same nutritional perks.

Orange fruit juice comes with a lot of good effects on our body along with the great taste. It detoxifies your body and gives you various health benefits. Better circulation of blood helps you in better physicality and stamina. Upon long term consumption you get several benefits including better heart health, strong bones and plenty of iron.

Benefits of BeO Juice Orange

  • Ideal for weight loss
  • Low Calories and rich fibre makes you less hungry
  • Better Metabolism improves digestion
  • Abundance of Iron prevents Anaemia

2. BeO Litchi Juice

BeO Litchi Fruit Juice

Litchi originated in China and spread throughout the world for its taste and jelly like texture. It has made its way all around the world along with its beneficial attributes and a delicious taste. Litchi is a fruit that contains creative attributes as it used to make different dishes. It is used for fruit juice, desserts, mocktails, drinks and much more.

Litchi is a powerhouse of multiple nutrients as it contains potassium, Fibre-B complex, iron and such other elements. These nutrients provides a bunch of benefits like better metabolism, prevention of strokes, strengthening of nervous system. You get all the advantages of Litchi without going through peeling and taking care of seeds.

You get multiple health benefits of Litchi in BeO Litchi fruit juice. Experience the same taste and nutrition along with the unique texture and taste of nata de coco, which is rich in fibre and good for hydration. Abundance of iron helps in formation of Red Blood Cells(RBC).

Benefits of BeO Juice Litchi Flavour

  • Antioxidant properties
  • Manage your blood sugar levels
  • Packed with protein, fibre
  • Improves heart health

3. BeO Pineapple Juice

BeO Pineapple fruit juice

Pineapple is a great fruit which is a power packed with many nutrients and health benefits. It originated in South America, especially Brazil and later spread throughout the continent. A pineapple is a great source of various vitamins, minerals providing many health benefits. It includes many nutritional aspects with the goodness of nata de coco, which provides a bunch of vital components requires for better metabolism.

Pineapples are a rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, fibre, calcium, potassium and other important nutrients. Anti-oxidants in this fruit helps to recover untimely aging of cells and makes your skin glow with preventing heat strokes in scorching heat. You should consume this fruit on a regular basis to enjoy the benefits it provides. You can choose BeO Pineapple juice as an alternative to pineapple.

BeO’s Pineapple fruit juice is the closest thing to a real pineapple as it contains similar nutrients like a pineapple. This juice provides less calories and high fibre which is ideal for anyone including those who wants to lose weight. Manganese in the pineapple juice helps in cure of cold and cough. BeO pineapple juice is a great way of a refreshing drink with a twist of nata de coco and vitamins essential for our body.

Benefits of BeO Juice Pineapple Flavour

  • Rich Source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C
  • Fibre, Calcium and Potassium rich juice
  • Anti-oxidants reduces cell damage
  • Nata de coco for a unique taste

4. BeO Guava Juice

BeO Guava fruit juice

Guava is a fruit with a green outside and sometimes pink inside, which indicates the sweetness of a guava. A guava is very nutritious fruit with roots from Mexico and Central America and it contains many health benefits. Guavas are grown in winters and available in form of juices and desserts and other forms too.

A guava is an abundant source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E with Anti-oxidants, Manganese, Folate, Potassium. These nutrients are responsible to provide the nutrition and related health benefits like enhancing immunity, reducing aging symptoms. Fibre-rich and less calories means you have a healthy option for weight- loss.

What if you have a better option for a guava? what might be better than guava? Guava Juice. BeO guava juice gives you almost same nutrients with a delicious taste and unique texture of of nata de coco. Guava juice provides anti-oxidants, better immunity and many more positive impacts on your body.

Benefits of BeO Juice Guava Flavour

  • Consists of Dietary Fibres
  • Rich in Vitamins
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Taste and deliciousness in one bottle

5. BeO Strawberry Juice

BeO Strawberry Fruit juice

Strawberry is a fruit closely related to the berries. The fruit originated in Europe and made its way to all around the world and the hearts of people. With a lot of benefits and great nutritional balance, strawberry is a good option to include in your diet. Strawberry can be used in desserts, juices, drinks which makes it a versatile fruit.

This small fruit contains Vitamin C, manganese, proteins and fibre to provide ample nutrition required for a day. Strawberries contain anti-oxidants, which you might be aware of, slows cell aging. It also has B-Vitamin called Folate, which is good for pregnant women. It boosts your immunity for better defence against disease causing germs.

You can enjoy the health benefits of strawberry with a delicious taste and special texture with nata de coco, which is rich in fibre. With BeO juices Strawberry flavour, you get the benefits and tasty treat, all in one bottle. Grab your bottle at your nearest stores to experience a fresh juice enriched with health supporting nutrients.

Benefits of BeO Juice Strawberry Flavour

  • Shields Skin against UV rays
  • Improves Brain Health
  • Regulates cholesterol Levels
  • Makes the Teeth and Shiny

6. Beo Mango Juice

BeO Mango fruit juice

Mango is known as the ‘King of Fruits’, and rightly so, it is a nutrient rich fruit ticking all boxes of nutrients and ample amount of fibre. This fruit has many species which is eaten differently, some are eaten after cutting slices, some are small, and other are eaten without cutting. Mangoes originated in India around 4,000 years ago. It contain many nutrients beneficial for immunity.

A mango is enriched with protein, iron, fibres and vitamins to provide an overall amount of nutrition for a healthy body. Mangoes are rich in natural sugar, which is safer than white sugar. You also get potassium, Vitamin C and fibre for a smooth metabolism. These nutrition in your body is quite essential for proper functioning of organs.

You get all these nutritional benefits of a mango by hard work, but you can get the same nutrition from a fruit juice. Yes, BeO juices are a fruit based juice which is made from freshly picked mangoes and nata de coco. Nata de coco provides the juice a chewy taste. Enjoy the royal taste from the ‘King of The Fruits’, mango. Get your BeO mango juice now.

Benefits of BeO Juice Mango Flavour

  • Fight Infections
  • Assists Building and Repairing of Muscles
  • Benefits Eyes and Bones
  • Glowing Skin, Better Digestion

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