Everything you need to know about Nata de Coco.

Nata de coco

Here, We know everything about Nata de Coco juices. Nata de coco is a popular jelly like food product originally made in Philippines. The name suggests that it is a cream but no, it is rather a solid. The key ingredient of this product is coconut milk or coconut water. Upon fermentation, the water forms jelly, creamy solid, which is later strained and rinsed.

It is created by fermentation of coconut water and turning it into nata de coco and further process it to smooth finish. Nata de coco is a Spanish phrase meaning ‘coconut cream’. Made from coconut water, nata de coco contains dietary fibres responsible for facilitating proper metabolism in our body.

It is a great choice for those who are looking to lose weight as it contains less calories which makes you feel full without stacking calories. Enjoy nata de coco, with a dessert, as an addition to drinks and many other dishes. Nata De Coco is a jelly like translucent substance with a chewy texture.

How is it Produced ?

Nata de coco juice

To make nata de coco straight from coconut water, some steps are involved which ensure the required quality of nata de coco.
Filipino cooks have been making nata de coco for generations, and the process has changed little over the years. Coconut milk or water, sugar, and some kind of acidic agent are generally the only ingredients required. When, the coconut milk or water will ferment, leaving both a solid and a liquid alcohol. The liquid alcohol is discarded, and the solid is boiled to remove any residual acid, then drained, dried, and cut into cubes.

Nata de coco

The first step in making nata de coco includes extracting the coconut water from the coconuts. The water is extracted with maintaining proper hygiene and safety. Only fresh and healthy coconuts are selected to make the nata de coco. After the first step, the second step in the process involves the fermentation of the coconut water with the help of bacterial cultures.

Turning the liquid into a jelly-like substance through the process of fermentation. Fermentation converts the liquid coconut water into solid jelly with rough surfaces. The rough surfaces are separated and cut off to smoothen the rough surfaces. The residue is washed off after being exposed to acid and left in a cool, dark place.

After all the cleaning and smoothening, the solid is boiled to remove any residual acid. Then it is drained, dried, and cut into cubes. Nata de coco is ready to pack and you can enjoy with juice, with fruits, salads or beverages. Nata de coco goes well with fruit juices and cold beverages. It also provides a chewy solid textures along with providing much needed nutrients with great taste and several health benefits.

Benefits of Consuming Nata De Coco

Nata de coco benefits

The life of people nowadays has changed drastically and they are busy for healthy lifestyle. To save time, they opt fast food with close to no nutritional values rather than having a well prepared and balanced nutrition meal. Nata de coco aside from its taste and texture provides a number of health benefits.

It is primarily beneficial in providing fibre which improves metabolism and regulates the digestion in your body. Nata de coco is abundant in fatty acids which contains anti-bacterial properties to treat bacterial infections. It can tend your wounds with the bacterial cellulose as it speeds up the healing process. It can contribute to regulating cholesterol with maintaining water levels.

Nata De Coco in Fruit Juices

beojuices with nata de coco orange flavour

Fruit juices added with nata de coco creates a unique combination and taste with a chewy texture. Be-O juices is a high-quality fruit juice drink with nata de coco. Be-O juices is a brand which has featured nata de coco in the drink. It complements the drink and makes it extra delicious. Nata de coco is very versatile product and good to use in desserts, drinks.

So, in short nata de coco is a great addition to any dish. From desserts to juices, or dishes, it leaves a great aftertaste in your mouth with a chewy texture and taste with dietary fibres for metabolism. Nata de coco pairs greatly with fruit juice drink for a unique and wonderful experience. Be-O juices have stood out because of their flavours and freshness in the juice that just refreshes the mind.

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